Feel Confident This Summer With These Stylish Sunglasses

Post by Sujata Sanyal | Jul 28, 2017

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Thinking about getting some sunglasses? The first thing you need to think about is your style. After all, sunglasses are a major draw of your personality. You might be stacked with different shades and shapes of sunglasses, but it is necessary to find the perfect style for your face. Below are the most modish of the latest shades to protect your eyes. 

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Clip-On Sunglasses

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One very popular trend are the clip-on sunglasses and the metal contours. They have made a huge leap from the retro styles to the present fashion genre. Men simply relish the slim lines and the weightless feel of these metal frames compared to the acetate ones.

Just think of the utility of having a high-grade, clip-on pair of sunglasses in your everyday life. This style enables you to get the best out of both worlds by simply removing the clips. For women, you have the Charleston flip-up frames, and for men, the compact, square flip-ups are available.

Oversized Aviators

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Aviator sunglasses are a style that never fade out, as they never move off from the fashion circuit. This eyewear is ideal for adding a cool touch to any plain outfit as they are sporty and conventional. Though the shape of the aviator has witnessed changes, 2017 has brought back the swashbuckling oversized aviator.

The Swag sunglasses, (that are a mix between the conventional style and a larger style) gives a macho and sturdy appearance, although they retain the classic teardrop contour of the lens. These do make them distinct from the typical aviators. The double-bar bridge along with the metal enhancement of the Swags lends it a polished look, giving you a smart look.

Emporio Armani

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Are you ardent about trying shades that have a patterned frame but not intricate details? Then go all out for the Emporio Armani's brown, polarized combo that has a nice pattern on the lower middle of the square frames. You get voguish and vibrant designs that are guided by modern shapes and materials. These are meant for the fashion forward wearers who in fact admire the Armani DNA. 

Crafted for the occasion, the Armani sunglasses flaunt a dark blue frame created from acetate with mirror lenses that reflected performance as well as style. The iconic symbol on each Armani frame makes them identifiable instantly and adds a luxury feel. The neutral colors make the ladies Armani collection very versatile and ideal for all events. They feature dainty curves and exquisite styling. In the men's category, there are the squared and enclosed around designs, the most famous being the Armani wayfarer. 


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The minute Johnny Depp wore these MoscotLemtosh hues, they have scaled up to the wise stylish glasses for the famous and the fashion inclined men. Its classic contours have been improved this season with a trendy wooden overlay that lightens up the black sides.

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